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Why Boca Lash?

At Boca Lash there’s nothing more gratifying than helping another balance one’s inner beauty with their outer beauty.  With every client we strive to enhance and embellish her natural beauty while instilling a new confidence in her appearance.


On a whim, I got my first set of eyelash extensions 5 years ago.  While getting another service I was asked if I might lend my lashes to one of her lash stylists to practice on. I had never even heard of lash extensions! The idea of not having to pile on the mascara and roll out of bed with beautiful eyelashes sparked something in me….and I said YES!  When I awoke from my Lash Nap and looked in the mirror for the first time I absolutely loved what I saw.  Longer darker eyelashes!  How had I not known about this!  I was hooked.

That night after the adrenaline rush of having eyelashes left I realized I could feel them. I did some research online and realized I shouldn’t feel the tight itchy feeling I had. That’s when I really dug in a did some research.  Initially, my research was on eyelash extension brands and which one was the safest and best. Ultimately, I chose the Xtreme brand.  I really appreciated the philosophy and connected with Jo Mouselli’s idea of safe and beautiful lashes. Now all I needed was a stylist that used and followed the Xtreme techniques and methods.

Needless to say, after receiving my first full set of Xtreme Lashes; I knew this was my calling!  What could be better than making another feel their best just as I had!  I took the aesthetician course, obtained my state license and then was off to my Xtreme Lashes training.

I received my Xtreme Advanced Certification certificate and was off to build by business in October 2014. I then took the Volume Certification and received my certification.

Here I am today, excited to give South Florida the most beautiful, believable, safe and artistically inspired lash extensions.

In addition, I have been able to expand my business by adding artist Robyn Cufferi in     and our newest artist Chrissy Jann.  Together we have grown Boca Lash to over 1000 clients.

Meg Bertrand

Owner and Lash Stylist