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Terms of Services

I authorize The Boca Lash to apply semi-permanent lashes and to be adhered to my own natural eyelashes.  The risks of the cosmetic procedure I have chosen have been disclosed to me. Some cases may result in complications such as eye redness, irritation and allergic reaction to the adhesive applied and/or to the eye pads.

If at any time I, or Lash Stylist are uncomfortable with the eyelash extension procedure, I will inform the stylist and s/he will gladly rectify the problem, including ending the session. I have revealed or disclosed on the Confidential Client Profile all conditions and circumstances regarding my health and health history, medications being taken and any past reactions to products used or medications. Additional conditions could occur or be discovered during the procedure, which could affect my ability to tolerate the procedure.

I understand the duration of my extensions requires my careful maintenance. I understand not to affect the drying process of the adhesive, I need to never use waterproof mascara, excessive rubbing or pulling on lashes. For 6 hours I will not wet the lashes, spray tan or enter a tanning bed, enter a sauna and receive a facial after all appointments. Excessive heat, swimming, sauna use, steam rooms, use of oil-based eye make-up removers and other products used on the face should be avoided. Use of mechanical eyelash curlers or crimping eyelashes in any way, should be avoided.

I, as here in signed, release, give up, acquit, and discharge the stylist or anyone affiliated with my stylist including any partnership, corporations, or company associated with said individual from any claims or damages of any nature. I agree to pay any costs of legal services necessary to further effect or confirm said release. I further agree that in the event of any litigation ensues it shall be placed before the American Arbitration Association for resolution. I agree that in the event a decision is determined in favor of one party or another, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs by the arbitrator. I further agree to hold my Stylist and Boca Lash nameless and harmless from all damages. I release my Stylist from any responsibility for preexisting conditions I have not revealed, or any consequential change to those conditions and arise subsequent to that procedure. I understand that I am fully responsible for any medical treatment I may need to receive as a result of getting this procedure. I accept full responsibility for these and any other complications, which may arise as a result during or following eyelash extensions procedure(s), which are to be performed at my request.

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

When a client arrives late, cancels at the last minute or (worst of all) misses their appointment, it hurts our business. It also makes it difficult to serve our ever-growing list of valued clients.

We reserve time especially for you and because of that we sincerely ask for at least 4 business hours advance notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

For example: 10 am appointment on Tuesday must be canceled/rescheduled by 5pm on Monday.

A 50% service fee will be charged for cancellation and/or rescheduling if less than 4 business hours prior to your appointment time and will need to be paid in full before future appointments will be scheduled.

No shows will be billed for the full amount of the scheduled service and will need to be paid in full before future appointments can be scheduled.

Payment in advance may be required for those with a history of no shows, rescheduled or canceled appointments without 4 business hours notice.

New Clients: Credit card is required at time of booking to reserve 1st appointment.

Late Arrival Policy

We will do our best to accommodate late arriving guests within their reserved appointment time.  The scheduled service fee and your appointment time will remain the same. We will try our best to accommodate you, however clients arriving more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointments may be asked to reschedule.  The cancellation/reschedule policy will come into effect should we require rescheduling.